TBE Lighting 16w 2D 4-PIN CFL Energy Saving Lamps – DD Fluorescent Bulbs – 4-Pin GR10q Base Fittings – Long Life Lamp, Day Light White 6500K 2PACK

Product Information

Suppliers Name or Trade Mark: TBE Lighting
Suppliers Address: Lupol Limited, 47 Butt Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3BZ, UK
Model Identifier: TBE-2D-4PIN-16w-6500K-2PACK
Type of Light Source:
Lighting Technology Used: LED Non-Directional or Directional: NDLS
Light Source cap-type 4-Pin GR10q
Mains or non-mains: MLS Connected Light Source (CLS): No
Colour-Tuneable Light Source: No Envelope: -
High Luminance Light Source: No
Anti-Glare Shield: No Dimmable: No
Product Parameters:
Parameter: Value Parameter: Value
General Product Parameters:
Energy consumption in on-mode (kWh/1000 h), rounded up to the nearest integer 2 Energy Efficiency Class G
Useful luminous flux (Φuse), indicating if it refers to the flux in a sphere (360°), in a wide cone (120°) or in a narrow cone (90°) 250 in Sphere (360°) Correlated colour temperature, rounded to the nearest 100 K, or the range of correlated colour temperatures, rounded to the nearest 100K, that can be set 2 700
On-mode power (Pon) expressed in W 2,0 Standby power (Psb), expre4ss in W and rounded to the second decimal 0.00
Networked standby power (Pnet) for CLS, expressed in W and rounded to the second decimal - Colour rendering index, rounded to the nearest integer, or the range of CRI-values that can be set 80
Outer Dimensions without separate control gear, lighting control parts and non-lighting control parts, if any (millimetre) Height: 97 Spectral power distribution in the range 250 nm to 800nm, at full-load Click here to view the image
Width: 35
Depth: 35
Claim of equivalent power(a) - if yes, equivalent power (W): -
Chromaticity coordinates (x and y) 0,458 0,410
Parameters for LED and OLED light Sources:
R9 colour rednering index value 2 Survival factor ,90
The Lumen mainteance factor 0,93
Parameters for LED and OLED Mains light Sources:
Displacement Factor (cos Φ1) 0,50 Colour Consistency in McAdam Ellipses 6
Claims that an LED light source replaces a fluorescent light source without integrated ballast of a particular wattage _(b) If yes then replacement claim (W) -
Flicker metric (Pst LM) 0,9 Stroboscopic Effect metric (SVM) 0,8
(a)"-": not applicable
(b)"-": not applicable